Recovery And Rebirth After The California Wild Fires

It is always a scary event to come face to face with a fire or any destructive force.  The raging flames, suffocating smoke and overall destruction is a sight to be seen.  With every devastating tragedy however there is a time of rebirth and regrowth.  This symbol of rejuvenation gives hope and wonder to all that see it. From the ashes of the fires the reseeding burn areas southern california can begin.

reseeding burn areas southern california

When the Earth is scorched and burned the first though that goes through people’s minds is that the land is damaged beyond repair.  The truth is that the burning of the land, even though causes a lot of damage, and is a good thing.  When the land burns it removes all the dead and decay, returning it back to the land as fuel for rebirth.

When the lands are damaged beyond repair or when nature is too impacted to heal quickly it is vital that we take action and reseed the earth.  It is our job to go out there and remove all of the dead and decay from the land.  Items such as old cars, buildings and dead trees are on top of the list.  When the handprint of man can be removed Mother Nature has a chance to prosper.

Once the land is clean again it is possible to reseed the lands again.  Using organic materials we can kick start rebirth and regrowth.  We can repair the roads that were damaged, rebuild the houses that were destroyed and start to reshape a sense of humanity in the face of total destruction.

At the end of it all life comes from death and death will re-spawn life.  It is our job to go and do what we can to rebuild what it is we have lost.